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The Story of one soul

author Yuliia Sanko

What do you feel when you feel pain? Everyone has felt pain. Some have felt less pain, others more. How do you keep from falling into the trap of depression or darkness when the circumstances keep pushing you there? How do you live even after a death? How do you not die while still living?

This book is about Life and about Soul. About Love and Trust. About Calling. About Consolation, Mistakes and Genuineness. About Victory and Resurrection. This book is about each of us.
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Історія однієї душі

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История одной души

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A story of one soul


Historia Jednej Duszy


Die Geschichte Einer Seele

This is the big story of one little soul. This is a mother’s diary, writing her daily feelings as her son’s life slowly fades away. I didn’t expect that these pages could so capture my heart. It is hard to explain. I was crying and at the same time I was overflowing with delight from God’s presence. I definitely recommend this book to everyone who is going through a difficult time or can’t overcome their anger at God. Do you know why? Because even though this is about death, every page is filled with the spirit of resurrection and life! Maybe, this is your chance to see the Almighty in the abyss of your suffering.
Aleksandr Shevchenko
Aleksandr Shevchenko
Pastor of the “House of bread” church

Yuliia Sanko

about the author

I am Yuliіa Sanko.

I love God. I love people. I love life.

I dream that every heart that is touched by this book would let go of the present and strive for eternity.